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mini bio-nique woman ;-)

​A pageful of words about me... I, Dominique Liongson, am a stupendous lady at your service. One-dimensional (1D) writer, 2D illustrator, 3D crafter, and one word to include all that... Artist! 

Here are what I do on my WORDY side:

  • My current book... after "pregnancy", I had a bouncing baby... book! This is a bundle of joy, unto every girl and boy. The news reached several corners of the planet.  Have a review from this Facebook Page. More to post soon as Mother and Child has lots of catching up to do with letting you all in the know...

Here are what I do on my GRAPHIC side: 

  • Design... like this website for example, and color-in posters for the children's library, and more like these in the other Facebook Page, and in Instagram, :-)

  • Take lots and lots of photos... Either to preserve a creation or to simply compose with a viewfinder and make that shot.

  • And other stuff...

Here are what I do on my CRAFTER side:

  • Crochet... like that brown beanie I'm wearing :-)

  • Knit... following pattern instructions, and improvising scarf patterns. (These scarves make cool gifts!)  :-)

  • And other stuff...


Why do I stand out?

  • I respect the copyright concept, and the same concept respects me back. (Thank goodness!)

  • I make the effort to complete a project until I can say it is cute. (Aww, can we keep it?)

  • I splash in the shallow and dive in the deep when exploring the arts. (Wooo!)


You are welcome to Facebook and Twitter with me.


Thank you for liking what you see and sharing my passion. Let's talk!

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© 2018 Dominique Liongson. Thank you for respecting my copyright. I appreciate it very much! :-( -> :-| -> :-)