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This collection showcases Dominique's prolific creative mind. She's a pun factory! Kudos to you, Dominique, and keep them coming!

(D.M. - San Francisco, CA, USA)

Just like an experienced pilot, these jokes land smoothly every time. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

(G. Nevins - Parañaque City, Philippines)

I have never seen a book full of such thought provoking humour. So many ways of thinking about things that no one has thought of. A unique mind in action.

(L. Moriarty - Tugun, QLD, Australia)

Very good play on words in the English language showing mastery of phonetics with subtle humor. Well done. Congratulations!
(P.H. Monteleone - Metuchen, NJ, USA)

If you think puns are pun-ny heres the book for you! 365 puns and brain teasers to keep you and your family occupied every day of the year.

(F. Trapaga - Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Dominique’s book reminds me of jokes I would crack to my younger sister when we were kids. The lines evoke child-like wit, a form of entertainment that is lost — and very much welcome — to the busy and anxious adult mind. I foresee this book as a useful read while bonding with children.
(L. Lachica - Taguig City, Philippines) 

<>Funny<> Laughed their heads off.

(R. Owen - QLD, Australia)

… ☺ When I start reading the title, I feel it was fun to read it and continue to read all the way. It was a  HAPPY BOOK☺  and you will observe that the book is… made by a very intelligent Ms Dominique Liongson. For me it’s a very nice book that will make people combat stress and frustrations, because when you read this book you feel the happiness inside of you; so it will make you focus back to the work/chores you need to accomplish… Overall the content of the book for me is 5 stars. ☺

(P. Gutierrez - Manila, Philippines)

It's a book you can carry around. It makes you think hard sometimes no matter how simple the jokes.

(G. Candelario - Laguna, Philippines)

A work of genius.

(F. Liongson - QLD, Australia)

👍 👍 👍

(L.U. Panagsagan - Manila, Philippines)

☀ ☀ ☀ a pun a day brightens the way!

(P. Christopher - Hawaii, USA)


(C.E. Hernaez - Muntinlupa City, Philippines)


(H. Montecalvo - Manila, Philippines)

Short and smart jokes.

(J. Marie - WA, Australia)

Very ingenious way of putting words together that makes one think and laugh at the end!

(B. Morey - Manila, Philippines)

Liongson's puns made me giggle. She has a refreshing way of seeing the world.

(H. Stubbs - QLD, Australia)

Very punny and cute puns that only Dominique can write.

(R. Virata - Manila, Philippines)

The book is full of wit. Every pun is made intelligently. (Dominique’s) good at this. I learned a lot of words that can be seen differently. Such an intelligent mind.

(C. G. Lucero - Laguna, Philippines)

The author has a wonderful mind. She lives, eats, sleeps and breathes word association and I think this is admirable and she is very clever. I confess though, I find few of her puns amusing. To me, an explantion after each pun should not be required. Each pun should stand alone as an amusing wordplay or double entendre. But don't take my word for it - read it for yourself. Contact the author to find where it may be purchase. This book is selling very well and I applaud Dominique for writing it.

(R. V. Dixon - QLD, Australia)

Pun-tastic Ways For (Brighter) Days... Boredom reliever, positivity, and a healthy way to enjoy minute happiness!

(I. B. Nuñez - Manila, Philippines)

Its a fresh approach on that kind of subject.

(B. Samonte - Quezon City, Philippines)

The Pun-tastic Ways booklet is a wonderfully scripted humorous read with a difference. My customers who have purchased it keep telling me how enjoyably funny it is.
(G. Isaacson - QLD, Australia)

A good read for the young and the young at heart.

(M. Liongson - QLD, Australia)

The book Pun-tastic ways for Brighter Days is amazing; really brightens up your day! This book is really pun-tastic and fun-tastic and fantastic!!!  

(E. Garde - Toronto, Canada)

(Dominique's) book just came in the right time. It's a joy getting those witty phrases after a long and hard day.

(R. Garingan - Manila, Philippines)

Puntastic Ways for Brighter Days by Dominique Liongson is great way to start your day. Keeping the book handy and picking it up to enjoy a giggle every morning will no doubt bring a smile to your face. An entertaining and enjoyable read for the quick witted among us. Dominique's commitment to this book is inspiring and it is a joy to read and share with friends who value puntastic humour.

(K. Cox - QLD, Australia)

A brilliant twist on words. Left a grin from ear to ear. 

(B. D. Scott - QLD, Australia)

Dominique’s writing is funny and witty— and pretty much sounds the way she speaks when she writes. That’s why she is such a joy to be with, always spreading positive thoughts and laughter.
Dear Reader, enjoy this book as much as I do! 

(M. S. Reyes - Makati City, Philippines)

Hey! It’s really cool that (Dominique) made (this) book. Not sure if I have but if not, congratulations! It’s not an easy feat and (she made the book) wonderfully. I’m excited to give (the book) to the boys!
(P. Martelino - Manila, Philippines)

My kids had a good laugh while reading (this) book. My 10 year-old said, “Mom, your classmate (Dominique) is a genius!” They love puns very much.
This book of puns clicked very well with my kids. It was fun watching them taking turns to read the questions and laughing at all the pun-ny answers. Thanks and congratulations... on this book, most of all for sending it to far far away— (Santa Rosa) 😅 Hope this reaches more readers. 👍 ❤ Looking forward (for) the next ones. 

(M. M. Gabriel - Laguna, Philippines)

A funny series of jokes and joke telling. I particularly liked the explanation at the end of each joke.

(A. Hall - QLD, Australia)

I can highly recommend buying this joke book as it definitely makes you smile when reading. It's always such a positive feeling to make others laugh.

(M. Hinde - QLD, Australia)

Dominique's play on words is truly imaginative and brings a smile, and sometimes a guffow, almost every time. I am happy to recommend Pun-tastic Ways for better days. A laugh for 365 days of the year.

(J. Peel - QLD, Australia)

More muscles to frown than to Smile and Laugh!

(G. Farol - Auckland, New Zealand)

So far so good... I love most of them... the majority made me smile or laugh!

(W. Orlans - Ontario, Canada)

A great way to make one smile at the start of each day.

(F. Peria - Manila, Philippines)

(The) book was refreshing to read. There were times though that the age gap was very noticeable. Go on writing and making people happy. 

(P. de la Rama - Parañaque City, Philippines)

Its good times for us coz that is (my daughter's) sense of humor hahaha...

(O. Buenaflor - Manila, Philippines)

A great source for laughs and giggles that can be shared with everyone without reserve.

(J. Amistoso - Manila, Philippines)

I appreciate the readers who shared positive reviews that grows and grows and grows. Thank you so much!

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